10 Natural Home Remedies for Acne Scars


Today we are sharing with you 10 Natural Home Remedies for Acne Scars. Pimples and acne are the major problem of puberty for not only girls but also for boys. Generally pimples or acne fade away naturally after some time. You can try at home microdermabrasion procedures for quick treatment. If you are having pimples, then you should keep one thing in your mind. Never touch or pick the pimple as it will not only increase its natural life time but also results in leaving a scar when it got healed. You should be consistent and try these remedies regularly twice or thrice a week for their best results.

1.     Cinnamon Mask for Acne Scars:

cinnamon mask for treating scars on face Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used Indian spices. Cinnamon not only helps in digestive problems but also help you in bacterial infections. So it helps greatly in treating scars. You will need

1 tbs Cinnamon Powder

1 tbs Nutmeg Powder

2 tbs Honey

Few drops of olive oil or vitamin E

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply them onto your face. Let it settle for 30 minute and then wash with cool water.

2.     Nutmeg Mask for Deep Acne Scars:

nutmeg home remedies for acne scars Nutmeg is very beneficial seed. Its oil is a very good tonic for heart. You can also use it in treating acne scars at home. You will require

2 tbs Nutmeg Powder


Make a very fine paste of nutmeg powder using milk. Apply this mixture to your face and wash when dried. You will get astonishing results.

3.     Almond Mask as Face Scar Natural Remedy:

almonds mask for acne scars Almonds are very good for your health. They help you in boosting brain activity and its oil is best for hairs. Similarly it shows marvelous results when used for treating scars caused by acne. Things you will need are

2 tbs Ground Almond

2 tbs Yogurt

2 Pinch Turmeric Powder

2 tbs Almond Oil

Apply the mask two to three times a week and have scar free skin.

4.     Indian Clay or Fuller’s Earth Mask:

Indian clay face mask Indian Clay or fuller’s earth is used in cosmetic products sine ling time. It really shows good results when applies on your skin. The things used for making Indian clay mask are as per requirement and are as follows

Apple Cider vinegar

Indian Clay

Make a smooth and thick paste of Indian clay and apple cider vinegar that could be easily applied to your face. Let the mask to dry and then wash with cool water. Follow up by a mild skin toner.

5.     Wheat Flour Mask for treating Acne Scars:

Wheat flour for acne scar treatment Wheat flour is the thing that is found very easily in every kitchen. It is not only a healthy food but also helps you in dealing with acne scars. The ingredients you will need are as per requirement

Wheat flour

Apple Cider Vinegar


Make a mixture of above three and apply it to your face at night. Leave it for over night and wash it in the morning.

6.     Coriander Mask for Acne Scars:

Coriander face mask for scars

Coriander is a refreshing herb found very commonly. It gives soothing effect to your skin. For making its mask you will need

2 tbs Coriander Juice

2 Pinch turmeric powder

Add turmeric powder to coriander juice and apply the mixture with cotton on your face. Leave it over night and wash in the morning.

7.     Egg for Treatment of Scars:

Egg mask for scar treatment

Eggs are rich in protein food. They are everyday part of our daily diet. Eggs masks are one of the most popular home remedies for acne scars. To make egg mask you must have

1 Egg White

3 tbs Honey

3 tbs Lemon Juice

2 tbs Yogurt

Beat the egg white very well till it attains consistency. Now add the remaining ingredients to it and apply it to your face. Wash after 20 minutes.

8.     Aspirin for Treating Face Scars:

aspirin used for acne scars

Aspirin can also help you in solving your problem of scars on face caused by acne. For using aspirin on your face you will need

5-6 Aspirin tablets

1 tbs Lemon Juice

½ tbs Baking soda

¼ cup Water

Add aspirin to freshly prepared lemon juice till it completely dissolves. Apply the mixture and in another container mix baking soda with water. Remove the mixture from your face when it dries using water containing baking soda.

9.     Radish Juice for Treating Scars:

Radish Juice for acne treatment

Radish is a good source of vitamin C that helps in fighting diseases and rebuilds tissues and bones. It also helps in fading out the scars due to acne. Make a juice of peeled radish. Now apply that juice to the affected areas on your face. You will get good results after its regular application.

10.Avocado Mask for Acne Scars:

avocado for skin care

Avocado is also used in many dermatological products because of its extraordinary benefits. For using it as home remedies for acne scars you have to make its mask. You will need

1 Avocado

1 tbs Honey

Mash the avocado and mix it with honey. Apply the mask and wash it after 30 minutes with mild warm water for best results.

All the remedies we have shared are 100% natural and you can use them without any fear of side effects.


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