Abaya and jilbab dress is  rapidly increasing its market and fame. Abaya is Islamic clothing used as Islamic women clothing  throughout the world. It’s considering a major and important part of Islamic clothes; wear by every woman in all ages to cover their whole body from head to feet.Women and girls used to wear abaya while going out.especially professional women use them in offices and college and university going girls also feel comfortable in abayas.
Abaya is mostly used in Arabic countries like Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and also in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.These are becoming popoular in women of Asia day by day. As abayas and gowns are cultural and islamic clothings so even in Europe countries, Australia, Canada, USA (American women) or western girls (Muslim Girls Students) wear Abaya, Jilbab, Hijab or Ladies Scarf in schools, colleges and universities.

Hijab or Scarf is integral part of abyas to cover head and face that can be design with same patterns as used in abayas. But women abaya selection is different that vary from age to age. hijab and abaya designs 2012  are available in different styles like simple abayas, embroidery abayas and fancy abayas in different colors.

Jilbabs, Abayas are used like a long upper or long coat but style is different the abayas are used to cover all the body. In Asian Abaya designs 2012 or Jilbab is also know as BURQA. These have beautiful floral designs, baggy and fitted styles, heavy embroided, have beautiful drapes and drape-less and have beautiful neck styles. Usually bead work, ribbon work hand and machine embroidary has been done on abayas. Laces are also used on abayas. Abayas are also used as party wear. These fancy abayas have motifs, embellishments and stone work with embroidary. Usually black abays were liked by women but now a days abays of different colours e.g. grey, purple, brown, skin and pink, white and blue are also used by modern and trendy girls. The stuff of abayas is also very important. Now a days recent abayas have thin and fine stuff with printed lining or plain lining are in vogue . Abayas with thick and heavy stuffs are also common. Here is a collection of latest stylish, trendy and recent Abaya designs 2012 and 2013.You can pick any beautiful and stylish gown for your self from given pictures.