Abaya designs in Black color – Stone work abayas


Abaya is Muslim clothing which is used all over the World by females.  Usually females wear abayas while going out. Purpose of the abaya is hijab. Women wear abayas to protect themselves.  If you are looking for some latest and stylish abaya designs then we have a very chic collection of abaya designs for you. Abayas are designed in different colors like black, blue, tea pink, gray, brown etc. A great range of abayas can be seen in market in terms of colors. But Abaya designs in black color are the most popular abayas around the world.

Abaya designs in black color:

Have a look at our gallery of latest abaya designs in black color. We have displayed variety of stylish abaya designs. Black color can be combines with any other color. Due to this reason you can see versatility in abaya styles  having black color. You can see in these abayas that all the abaya designs have modest look. These modest designs of abayas are designed to provide full body covering. At the same time different cuts and styles are giving very elegant look to these abayas. Different types of work and designing has been done on these abayas which is explained below.

Abaya designs with stone work:

Different types of abayas are displayed today in our gallery. Most of the abayas have beautiful stone work on them. Abaya designs with stone work, sequin work, and metal work can be seen below in our today’s article. Some elegant abaya styles without stone work are also included in our post. Designers have used beautiful ribbon work or piping work on these abayas to make them more beautiful. One thing which should be kept in mind is that the purpose of abaya is to cover or protect the body. So make sure that abaya which you are going to buy have these attributes.

  • Length should be according to your height so that it may cover your whole body.
  • Abaya fabric should not be very thin.
  • Abaya must have loose fitting, as tight abayas do not fulfill the purpose of covering body and figure.

Hope our muslim sisters will like these abaya designs. We are looking forward for your feedback. If you are interested in buying these black abayas then you can place your orders via mail at [email protected] . Do not forget to send us the image or picture of the abaya you want to order.


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