Alkaram abaya 2012-2013 designs | Latest and stylish abaya designs


Alkaram qadri is the name of modest clothing and Islamic dressing. Alkaram group is famous all over the world due to their products like abayas, scarves, jilbabs, long shirts, gulf abayas, sports costumes etc. Origin of Alkaram qadri group started their work in the Jordan but now network of al-qadri group is present all over the world. Contrast of mosdesty and style can be seen in all the products of alkaram. Today we are sharing some beautiful and latest abaya designs by alkaram abaya 2012.

All the alkaram abayas are very stylish and attractive. Their cuts are very different and stitching is awesome. Most of these abayas are designed in black colour. Thin stuff with lining is used in most gowns. Chiffon georgette and in some abays thick cloth of high quality is also used. In abayas of 2012 trend of frills is very common. Here you can also see cuts with frills. Casual and party wear both are displayed below. Casual abayas are black on which stone work, bead work, thread and machine embroidery has been done while on other like party wear heavy bead work and ribbon work has been done. Laces are also used on some abayas especially which have open front. If you are seeking any stylish, modest and Islamic abaya or clothing then have a look at our Alkaram abaya collection 2012 and make yourself stylish, pure, up to date Islamic women. Hope all our Islamic sisters will appreciate this.

How to order: Email us at to place orders. Please attach the picture of desired dress for price details and other details.



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  1. fayheema says:

    Where can I buy these Al karam abayas?

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