Anarkali frocks 2013 – Indian and Pakistani dresses


In the subcontinent frock fashion is very famous. It reminds us of great time of Mughal era. In Pakistan and India anarkali frocks 2013 are very popular. Especially on the occasions of weddings, Eid, Diwaali etc. girls love to wear this traditional dress. Frocks are usually worn with choori pajama which gives a perfect eastern look. Usually traditional khussa is used with anarkali frock and choori pajama. In year 2012-2013 trends of frocks patches are stitched at the ends of frocks. Usually thin cloth is used in making of these Indian and Pakistani frocks. Chiffon and georgette cloth is mostly used in these frocks. Beautiful designing with laces and Patches and Kaliyan are usually made in these frocks inanarkali frocks 2013.

For fancy looks embroidery is also done on frocks. Today we have collected latest styles of anarkali frocks 2013. Our collection includes frock designs by Indian and Pakistani designers. Some important things which should be kept in mind while making or purchasing the frock are that the colour combination or colour contrast of frock should be best and beautiful as the colour combination affects the overall looks of your outfit. Secondly if you are going to purchase or make a frock then you must be very curious about the fall of frock as the frock fall not only affects the appearance of your dress but it affects your physique as well. It may give a bulky look to you so be careful about it. The main thing in our today’s collection is beautiful and attractive color combinations in which very bright and fresh colours are used which are perfect for party wear especially for the young girls. Some of the frocks are products of very famous brand of Pakistan Sha Posh, branded frocks by Bombay wala, designs by very well-known designer Asim Jofa , flairs etc. Hope you will like our today’s gallery and add more charisma, glamour and style in your persona. You can select frocks from latest stylish anarkali frocks 2013 for day as well as evening parties.

How to order: Email us at to place orders. Please attach the picture of desired dress for price details and other details.



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6 Responses

  1. Sobia Shahid says:

    nice colour combinations.

  2. ajar shehzadi says:

    beautiful dress oweseum coll

  3. ajar shehzadi says:

    beautiful dress oweseum

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