Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands 2014


Arabic mehndi designs hold a great importance among different styles and designs of henna. Henna is basically originated from Arab countries and came to Sub Continent with the arrival of Arabs. Since then henna become an important part of bridal and women make up.

Mehndi or henna is the most important component of happy occasions like Eid, Wedding, Diwali and Holi etc. of Asian and African countries. Pakistani and Indian marriages have even a function of mehndi on their weddings. On these occasions every girl and women especially the bride tries to have a unique pattern of Mehndi for herself. Now a days Arabic mehndi designs for hands and feet are very popular as they are easy to lay on hands and require less time.

Arabic mehndi designs are generally made with a wide nozzle cone of henna. The Arabic henna patterns are thick and require comparatively less craftsmanship. Now a days Pakistani mehndi designs which are common are the combination of Indian Mehndi designs and Arabic Mehndi designs for hands. The different mehndi designs for hands, feet and arms are mostly the result of creativity of mind. There are not any specifications for the designs of henna. You can adorn yourself by a single design or by combining two or three designs.

Mehndi designs for hands and feet are generally lay down on hands by professionals at saloons. Some of the persons have God gifted talent of laying mehndi designs on hands. Mehndi designs are now adorned with glitters, stones and stick-ons available in market. These mehndi embellishments has revlutionized the traditional look of mehndi designs.

Today Latest Asian fashions have gathered a collection of some beautiful, mesmerizing and latest Arabic mehndi designs for hands 2014. You can choose any of them for yourself to have unique patterns among others.



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