What Do Asian Brides Wear During Wedding Celebrations


Asian weddings differ much from western weddings because of the elaborate preparations involved in their wedding dresses. Parents of the bride take pride in seeing their daughter wearing a traditional wedding gown design that has been handed from generation to generation. In a way, the dress symbolizes the richness in culture that is often seen in any Asian weddings. Let us try to explore what do Asian brides wear at their day of matrimony.

1. Philippines

Nowadays, a Filipina bride’s wedding dress is mostly influenced by western designs. But weddings of old were mostly dominated by Spanish culture and this can be well seen in the dresses they wore. However, there’s a difference when it comes to the fabric used in making the wedding dress. A traditional Filipina wedding dress is made of woven abaca fibers (sometimes made of woven pineapple leaf fibers also) and carefully tailored to create a beautiful “Baro’t Saya”, the traditional bridal gown of the Filipinos. The counterpart for the Filipina gown is the groom’s “Barong Tagalog” which is a polo-like garb that is also made from the same fiber as the wedding dress.

2. India

Indian brides wear the typical Indian dress called “Sari” which is often embroidered with intricate patterns and embellished with beads and semi-precious stones. The Sari is very common for Indian women. However, they choose to wear wine, red, pink, or burgundy colors during their wedding day. Family members play an important role in the wedding as it is a tradition that one of the family members should make the Sari for the bride.

 Indian Bride Sari

3. China

Chinese brides often wear a wedding dress with great symbolic importance. Each detail incorporated in the dress represents something to go along with the couple on their new life together:

  • Red-colored dress: symbolize joy and prosperity
  • Gold embroidery on the dress: symbolize wealth
  • Round designs and Chinese symbols: represent money, luck, and great fortune

Chinese brides have the privilege to mix the traditional wedding from the modern one by switching gowns after the ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, brides are now allowed to wear chiffon wedding dresses, empire silhouette wedding dresses, sleeveless wedding dresses, or any kind of wedding dress they want to wear for the ceremony.

Chinese Bride Dress

The Green Guide Colored Wedding Dresses

 4. Japan

Japanese brides can opt to wear a western inspired wedding gown at the entire ceremony or they can wear the customary bridal kimono if the occasion is quite strict. They are also allowed to change dresses on their way to the reception party so that the brides can move freely and celebrate with the groom and the guests.

Japanese Bride Dress

5. Korea

Even in modern times, the Korean bride is still dressed with the traditional bridal gown which is composed of 2 main outfits. The bride will have to wear a long skirt called “Chima” and then covers herself with a long sleeved jacket called a “Chogori”. And as a final piece of their attire, they will wear a beautiful headpiece or their head will be wrapped around with a sash decorated with floral designs.

Korean Bride Dress

Picture Credit: The Green Guide Wedding Dresses


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