How to get beautiful healthy hair – 10 Easy Tips for hairs


It’s a very famous saying that the hair is the richest ornament of women. So hair of a woman must be healthy, beautiful and well managed. Here we are giving you some tips for hairs.By following these hair treatment tips you can get beautiful, shiny and haelthy hairs.

  1. Abaove all hair tips for hairs its most important. If you want to make your hair look beautiful then regular trimming is very important. You should trim your hair half an inch regularly after every 2-3 months. It will make your hair look healthier because due to trimming you can get rid of split and dry ends.
  2. Do not brush wet hair it will cause split ends.
  3. Take good food and multivitamins regularly e.g vitamin A, E , C, etc it will make your hair strong and healthy as well as your skin.
  4. Drink plenty of water and take food rich in proteins. Balanced diet is very important.
  5. Choose good shampoo, free of sodium sulfates and chlorides.
  6. Chemicals are very harmful for hair. Avoid too much bleaching and dying. Chemicals make hair weak and dry.
  7. Heat exposure is very damaging for hair. Avoid regular straightening and curling.
  8. While going out use heat protector of good brand.
  9. Use conditioner after shampoo.
  10. Use masks and oils for your hair at least once a week.

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