Best MAC Lipstick Swatches Photos and Shades


What are the best shades of MAC lipstick this year? Is this the same question that is on your lips these days? If it is true then we have solved your problem. Today we have come with Best MAC Lipstick Swatches 2014. Lipstick is the fundamental part of a woman’s make up and without it your make up will be incomplete and of no use. Always be conscious about choosing the right lipstick shade for yourself because a wrong or misfit shade will ruin your make up and look.

MAC is very popular and most wanted cosmetic brand among the women of every age. Their high quality skin friendly cosmetics are suitable and available for every skin tone from pale to dark brown. Sine their foundation in 1984, MAC always comes up with the introduction of something new and revolutionary in their field. This year their True Love’s Kiss Lipstick from Disney Maleficent collection has stunned every women and she craved for it desperately. Below are some of the shades and  MAC lipsticks swatches which will assist you in choosing the lipstick color for you next time when you want to buy the MAC lipstick for yourself.

Red to Pink MAC Lipstick Swatches:

Brown and pink are the shades that suits to almost every women. You can apply these shades on all casual to formal functions. The Hot Tahiti and Fresh Moroccan looks very cool on night or formal functions with light make up. Similarly Speak Louder and Costa Chic look very appealing on casual events.

Red to pink Mac lipstick swatches

Red to pink Lipstick swatches by MAC

The Nudes MAC Lipstick Swatches:

If you want to wear very light or natural make up then nude MAC lipstick swatches for dark skin are the best option for you. You can select any of these from Crème De Nude to Plink shades. These will not only accentuate your lip shape but also make them appear natural.

The Nudes Mac lipstick Swatches 2014

the Nude lipstick swatches by MAC

The Browns MAC Lipstick Swatches:

These are the best shade for the women whose age is from 30 to 45 years as these colors will give a decency and sophistication to their personality. The Plum Dandy, Plastique and Politely Pink will make you look eminent and every woman will urge to ask the shade from you.

Brown MAC lipstick swatches 2014

Brown swatches of lipsticks by MAC

We hope you will like these irresistible MAC lipstick swatches. You can share your experience and thoughts about MAC with us in the comment box.


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