Latest designs of watches for men – Branded watches for men


Watches are essential item of men’s fashion. It is thing which decorates men’s personality. Selection of watch depicts the mood and personality of a man. Keeping in view the importance of “watches” in men’s wear, over the time many brands have made their name in this item of fashion. These brands include Tag Heuer, Nike, Swatch, Rado, Rolex, Casio, Seiko and many more… we have decided to short list few of countless brands to present before you. These beautiful designs will surely enhance charisma of your personality. No matter you got to attend a party or a formal meeting there is right design for you..!
Titan is one of best emerging brands in watches industry for men. Unique design of Titan watches is very popular among actors and business executives. Tag Heuer Watches are very famous among the men now days. The muscular style watches are very popular among sports man and for casual wear. Talking about men watches who could forget famous brand “Swatch” these expensive watches are very famous among tennis players. While talking about Swatch watches comes in mind name of another very famous brand that is “Tissot”. This brand is about one and half century old. Its designs are popular among elite class of men. Here are few very beautiful designs just you. After talking about expensive brands now let us show you design of two Japanese brands which are famous among working middle class men. We are talking about “Seiko” and “Casio”. In 1924 Seiko produced their first set of watches.Seiko company made Astron one of the very early quartz watch in 1969, its price was so much as like a small size car. Seiko established a joint factory in 1985 with orient watches. Now lets talk about “Casio” . Casio became famous for watches in 1980’s. Casio was one of early manufacturers of modern technology watches. Check out these cool designs by “Seiko and Casio”. Hope you will like our latest designs of branded watches for men.


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