Bridal Beauty Tips – Beauty Tips for Pakistani Brides


Marriage is the most important and most memorable occassion of one’s life. Due to this reason brides especially
in the countries of Asia start the preparation of marriage many months before the day of marriage. They use many bridal beauty tips and bridal home made masks.
These preprations are not only related to dress and jewelry of bride but most important is the bridal outlook,
and beauty of bride.Many bridal beauty tips are followed which include traditional beauty treatments for the bride but visits to saloons and dermatologists are also arranged.

Facials for white and glowing skin are also done before marriage. All these arrangements are fruitful only when you kept in mind some other beauty tips, and you must avoid those practices which are harmful for your skin before the days of marriage.
We are sharing some beauty secrets for fresh and glowing skin of bride. If you are going to be married then you must start practicing them atleast two months before marriage. Hope these bridal beauty tips will enhance your beauty.


1.  Increase water consumption it will remove toxins from your body and leaves your skin very glowing and fresh.

2.Avoid using makeup before marriage. If necessary then try to use water based makeup oil based makeup will clog your pores and may cause black heads and acne.

3.Always apply sunblock of SPF. 15, 20 or 30 before going out for shopping etc.
4. Regularly cleanse your face with face wash of any good brand and use non-alcohlic toner afterwards. Don,t go to your bed without cleansing your face.
5. Avoid too much face washing, it will dry your skin and produce oil in excess. one or two cleanses with soap or face wash are best.
6. Too much sleep and insufficent sleep both are harmful as it may cause dark circles.
7. Reduce coffee and choclate intake because they cause acne.
8. Use fruits and diet rich in micro-nutrients.
9.Take green tea regularly. Its a very good anti oxidant. It will reduce your weight, and give you a clear glowing and beutiful skin.
10. Exercise regularly. Its one of best bridal beauty tips. It reduces stress and increases oxygen to the skin. Oxygen to skin make your skin fresh and glowing.
Hope you will like our beauty secrets and make your skin healthy, fresh and glowing on your marriage. Wish you good luck.


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