Bridal dresses by Maria B 2013


Every year all the designers launch their latest and new dresses. Many designers have launched their dresses collection in Pakistan. So, today I have decided to share some designer’s dresses collection with my viewers. I am going to share bridal dresses by Maria b today. Maria B. is not only famous in Pakistan but she is considered one of the top International fashion designers. She has won many international fashion competitions. So we have decided today to display her work. We are going to share latest designs of bridal dresses by Maria b.

All the dresses which I am going to display are designed recently by Maria B. You can see a great range of bridal dresses by Maria b. All the bridal dresses designed by Maria b. have unique styles and cuts.  You can see versatility in terms of colors in the bridal collection by Maria B. The picture of bridal dresses by Maria B. which we have displayed in our gallery will help you to choose best weeding outfits on your wedding day. Traditional lehngas and shararas are designed by Maria B for brides. These lehngas and shararas are designed to carry with Bridal long shirts, bridal tail style shirts or bridal open shirts. All the different styles of bridal shirts designed by Maria B. are displayed in our gallery. The color scheme of bridal dresses collection by Maria b. is also fabulous. Some bridal dresses designed in Reds or maroons are combined with off white, gold’s and copper, these color schemes are giving amazing look to these bridal dresses. These dresses with red and maroon shades are best to wear on the first wedding day and they will surely give very beautiful look to bride. Others colors which are used by Maria B. bridal collection are shades of greens like mint green, zinc, sea green etc. their combinations with blues and other shades of greens and pink are giving very cool look to these bridal dresses. Bridal dresses with these shades and color combinations are best for the functions of walima or nikah. Hope you will like Bridal dresses collection by Maria B.


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