Bridal Eye Makeup – Latest Pakistani Bridal Fashions 2011


Makeup is the most important thing for every bride especially in modern days of fashion and style where everyone has awareness about latest fashions and trends due to media. Eyemakeup is the most important part of makeup which determines the overall finish and look of bridal makeup. In past just red colour was used for bride and red makeup as well but now a days makeup of different colours and contrasts accordind to dress is popular.In Asian countries contrast makeup for bridal is very famous.These bridal eye makeup collections are one of them. These bridal makeups are now commonly used inAsian countries which contain Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka and some Arabic countries also. In These Collections the bridal lip stick color andEyebrow style, Eye liner, Cheek with mascara touch. Some newest Pakistani Bridal eyemakeup makeup collections are shown below.
For bridal eye makeup always use less amount of moisturizer on eyes, use light coloured concealear around eyes on face.Use brown and white or other light coloured shadows first to give softness. Apply dark coloured eye shadow on corners of eye according to your dress colour and then blend it with liht coloured or white shade perfectly to give proper blended looks. Keep bleending and adding other colours according to your dress in centre of eyes also, the ares just below eyebrows should have light coloures shade eg. light pink,silver,white or skin, and little bit shiny it will highlight bridal`s eyes. Then apply eyelineras well as use thick mascara with artifical lashes. Here are some pictures depicting eye makeup, contrast and blending;


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  1. February 10, 2013

    […] of bride if properly done. Here we are presenting some samples of bridal makeup trends 2012. Bridal eye makeup is most important part of makeup which should be done properly and the shades used in bridal eye […]

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