Bridal Henna Designs 2014 – Bridal Mehndi For Weddings


Many brides and grooms are looking for their wedding day preparations as wedding season will be on its full swing after few days. I have posted number of articles on bridal dresses, bridal jewelry, bridal makeup etc. Today I am going to share bridal henna designs 2014. Bridal Henna designs or mehndi is applied on hands, feet , arms and wrists on the occasion of wedding. The trend of applying henna on wedding was popular in Asian countries basically but now a days this trends is popular all over the world.

Bridal henna designs 2014 for wedding

I have added number of bridal henna designs. All these styles of applying henna are popular these days on the occasion of wedding. You can see all the stylish and beautiful bridal mehndi designs and select the best one for your wedding day. On the wedding day different styles of mehndi are used to make patterns on arms, hands and feet. I have displayed Indian style bridal henna designs, Arabic bridal henna designs and tikya mehndi designs for brides.

You can also notice that in pictures the mehndi designers have added stones and glitter in these bridal henna designs to give more beautiful and stylish look. Hope you will like all the beautiful styles and designs of Bridal henna which I have displayed in my gallery. You can also see more mehndi designs for wedding which I have posted in my previous articles about bridal mehndi. You will love them as well…


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