Engagement and nikah makeup | Bridal makeup 2012 – 2013


In Pakistan and many Asian countries function of Nikah and engagement are considered as very traditional functions on which bridal preparations are just like the day of marriage. The only difference is that the dress of bride on the functions of Nikah and engagement is less fancy as compare to the wedding dress. But the overall; looks of bride are not very different on the day of marriage and on the functions of Nikah and Engagement. Bridal makeup on the occasion of nikah and engagement is light and soft in appearance as compare to the bridal makeup 2013 on the functions of Nikah and engagement.

Light lipstick is applied in engagement makeup or nikah makeup. To give a soft look peach, skin and pink shades are preferred. In year 2012 and 2013 Smoky eye makeup is in vogue. Brown, red, purple, white, peach and pink shades are blended with grey or black shades. Thick mascara is applied on lashes while winged, cat liner and double liner is applied on eyes. But never commit a blunder of using dark lipstick with this type of eye makeup. Here we are presenting some samples of latest Bridal makeup 2013 for engagement and Nikah. Most of the bridal makeovers are done by top Pakistani makeup artists and salons like Ashna, Uzma’s saloon, Diva beauty salon, Mariam khawaja, Madeeha’s salon, Athar shahzad. You can get help and ideas about bridal makeup  2013 for the functions of nikah and engagement.


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