Latest bridal mehndi designs 2013 – Pakistani & Arabic Mehndi Designs


Art of applying Mehndi or heena on hands is very old and many new trends of applying mehndi on hands are becoming popular. Mehndi or heena is applied on hands and feet on different occasions or celebrations especially on Eid, wedding etc. Bridal Mehndi designs 2013 and art and trend of applying Mehndi on hands are changing with the passage of time especially due to the innovations of mehndi designers. In Pakistan many mehndi designers are working and they are known for their beautiful Mehndi designs on bridal hands, feet, arms, wrists etc. Today we have are going to discuss some latest trends of bridal mehndi designs 2013.

Now a days Traditional tikya (Filled round circle of Mehndi) design of mehndi has been innovated by designers of Pakistan and India. Tikya design got new look by extending tikya design by adding more flowers and leaves on sides. In year 2012-2013 beads and glitter is also used to give a new look to bridal mehndi. A latest trend in Bridal mehndi is the use of black and red heena or Mehndi at a time. Black mehndi is used for making outlines while red or orange coloured mehndi is used for filling. This type of Mehndi design has been shown in our today’s gallery as well. Mehndi markers can also be used for making outlines. All types of bridal mehndi are shown below in which marker out line, black Mehndi oulines, Etc are used hope you will like all our Latest Pakistani bridal Mehndi designs 2013. All the designs are latest, elegant and stylish which are best for wedding functions.


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