Bridal mehndi designs 2013 – Latest bridal mehndi patterns


Wedding season is still going on in Pakistan and many other countries. Planning’s for bridal dress, jewelry, makeup are done many days before marriage. Now a day’s bridal mehndi or bridal heena is also considered as a part of bridal makeup. Bridal mehndi designs are selected many days before marriage. Application of mehndi is very old tradition in eastern countries but still this tradition is famous. As separate function of mehndi or heena is arranged before the day of marriage and special arrangements are done for that day, so applying mehndi to brides became necessary for bride. Mehndi can be applied to bride in various styles. Today we are also here with latest, and stylish bridal mehndi designs.  We have selected pictures of beautiful bridal mehndi designs for you. The pictures which we have selected today are displayed in our gallery. You can see from our gallery that bridal mehndi designs with different styles are displayed. You can see Pakistani bridal mehndi designs, Indian bridal mehndi pics and the most famous mehndi designs i.e. Arabic bridal mehndi designs as well.  In year 2012 and 2013 trend of traditional Pakistani and Indian mehndi design became very popular. We have displayed some Traditional mehndi designs as well like Tikya mehndi designs for bride. Designers are hired in Pakistan and India especially for making mehndi designs on the hands, feet and arms of bride. Mehndi designers have introduced many new trends in bridal mehndi. You can see in our selected pictures that designers have made bridal mehndi more beautiful by using glitters, stones and beads. Use of these glitters and stones make bridal mehndi awesome. We have displayed bridal mehndi designs not only for hands and arms but you can see bridal mehndi patterns for feet as well. Tikya style mehndi can also be made on feet as well. You can add more beauty in your wedding day preparations by our mehndi designs for bride. Hope you will like.


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