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Mehndi is the most joyful, happy, and traditional function of the marriage ceremony. In the Southeast Asia people of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India celebrate mehndi or Rasm e hina before the first day of marriage on which, mehndi or heena is applied on the hands of the bride and sometimes groom. As this function is very cultural so traditional bridal mehndi dresses are made for the bride. The outfit used for the function of mehndi for the bride is usually of yellow color. And usually green is used traditionally in contrast with yellow colour.

But nowadays modern brides also wear dresses with contrast other than yellow and green. For example in year 2012 light blue, shocking pink, orange, purple , silver and black are used with yellow color for the bridal mehndi dresses. Nowadays some designers totally exclude yellow colour from the bridal mehndi dress and they are also designing Fresh green or leaf green color. Bridal mehndi dresses can be selected according to your own choice like Shalwar kameez, choori pajama with kurta or long A line shirt, Sharara with long shirt, Open shirt etc. Duapattas with bridal mehndi dresses are usually very fancy with heavy embellishments or bead work has been done on them. Dupattas are used with thin stuffs. Different types of stuff can be used for bridal heena dress like chiffon, jamawaar, jacquard, kataan, crinkle, silk etc. As far as bridal mehndi jewelry is concerned usually floral jewellary is used.

Floral earrings, garland, bangles, etc made by rose, marigold and jasmine are used. Hair style of bride is also decorated with flowers. Metal jewellary in golden color is also used. Gold and gold plated both can be used. We have collected beautiful mehndi dresses 2012 for brides, some of them are also designed by designers. You can also get ideas about latest trends of mehndi jewelry 2012.


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  1. February 15, 2013

    […] color contrasts is the best option. The most popular colors which you can see in year 2013 in bridal mehndi dresses are yellow with red, yellow with shocking pink, yellow with magenta, yellow with greens etc. The […]

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