Mehndi is an important and most joyful occasion of the whole marriage. It is the colourful occasion on which maximum female participation of females can be observed. Traditional mehndi function is not only celebrated in Pakistan but also in India and some other Asian countries. Usually Green and yellow colours are used on the occasion of mehndi for brides traditionally. But now a days yellow colour is used in combination with many other colours like pink, orange, golden, green, red, purple etc.

A decade ago there was no concept of bridal mehndi makeup but now a day’s bride is considered incomplete without mehndi makeup. Bridal make up trends change almost every year. Today we are talking about bridal makeup trends 2012. Bridal mehndi makeup depends upon mehndi dress of bride. We have arranged this post to show you latest bridal mehndi makeup trends 2012. Bridal mehndi makeup is categorized on the basis of colors of mehndi dress and color of bridal mehndi makeup. Usually the bridal mehndi makeup is light and light sober colours are used. Heavy makeup should be avoided.
Bridal mehndi makeup in yellow, skin, golden and brown shades:
Yellow colour must be present in the bridal mehndi dress. So, the best idea is to use yellow, skin, golden or brown shades in the bridal mehndi makeup.

As all these colours belong to same family so you can use these colours. One thing which should be kept in mind is that if you are using eyeshade in dark colour like copper or brown then lipstick should be used in light shades or only transparent or light coloured lip gloss can be used. In year 2012 smoky brown and smoky copper eye makeup is in vogue. Here we are presenting some samples of bridal mehndi makeup.

Bridal mehndi makeup in pink shade:
Pink is a natural colour. You can wear pink make up on your mehndi with yellow dress and pink mehndi makeup is the best option if your dress has light pink or shocking pink colour. If mehndi dress has combination of yellow and red then pink makeup should be used. You can use pink eye colour or just pink lipstick with any other eyeshade. Here you can see.

Green bridal mehndi makeup:
Green is the colour of heena. It is used in combination with yellow color as well. Green eye shade can be used with green bridal mehndi dress. Have a look below.