Bridal walima makeup 2013 – Pakistani bridal makeover


Walima is an important part of Mulism wedding. Special bridal outfits, are made on this day and all preparations of bride and groom are done just like the first day of marriage. But complete traditional bridal look is incomplete without makeup. Makeup beautifies the bridal looks and is it is considered very important in bridal preparations. Today we are here to discuss Pakistani bridal makeover and our focus will be Bridal walima makeup.

We have we have already displayed some latest walima dresses you can see there that usually soft shades are used on walima for brides. As light shades are used in bridal walima dresses so same color scheme is followed in walima makeup of bride. One advantage of light shades of bridal walima dress is that you can go for smoky eyes makeup on walima. Because reds are used on the first wedding day in Pakistan so smoky eye makeup does not suits every bride so on the occasion of walima smoky eyes makeup has been done as it gives more beautiful and attractive look with light colored bridal walima dress.More over bride can wear lenses in different shades on walima as well if she wants to add more beauty in eye makeup. Smoky makeup can be done in any shade. Some people have wrong concept that smoky eye makeup means black eyes or use of black eye shadow. Its blending that gives perfect smoky look and you can do smoky makeup in any shade like pink, blue, green, purple, copper, gold, silver white etc. If bridal dress has tone like pink, peach, skin and light orange then lipstick shades are used matched with dress. We have selected some pictures of Pakistani bridal walima makeup so that you can get ideas about bridal walima makeup.

Our today gallery has pictures selected in different makeup shades like blues, greens, gold, pink, peach, light orange etc. So that you can select any tone for your walima makeup. Eye makeup in different types can be seen in today’s gallery in which shimmer eye shadows, matte eye shades etc are used and brides with different eye makeup are shown like brides with smoky eye makeup and Brides with Arabic eye makeup. One thing which should be kept in mind is that eye liner application affects eye make up a lot. Eye liner is applied in different styles which changes the shape of eyes. Size of eye should be kept in mind while applying eyeliner. In year 2013 arabic eye makeup, eye makeup styles of 1960’s, and smoky eyes will remain in vogue. Now our gallery attached below can clearly define bridal walima makeup trends for Pakistani brides hope they will help you.


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