Latest collection of kurta logo 2013 – Back embroidery and printing designs


Fashion is the name of change. If we talk about outfits than the trends change very rapidly and due to media these trends are adapted by a large no of people these days. Today we are also going to talk about latest trends of dresses and kurtas in Pakistan. In the end of year 2012 and as year 2013 is going to start the Pakistani fashion designers introduced latest trend of logos on kurtas, shirts etc. These logos are made on the back of kurtas and shirts as well as on shoulders arms etc. we are also presenting today latest collection of kurta logo 2013 as well as back embroidery and printing designs. These latest kurtas and shirts are very unique and different in a sense that these shirts have different logos, designs and on some kurtas different quotations are printed.

These logos or designs are made by block printing, simple printing, embroidery, fabric painting etc. This trend is getting popularity among young girls of Pakistan. Designers have designed many funky kurtas and shirts for teenage girls with logos and pictures of rickshaws, trucks, guitar, animals, etc. Many logos remind us of Great Mughal era with pictures of Mughal prince, kings and princesses which also gives a very traditional looks. This fashion is not just restricted to young or teenage funky girls but some designers have made very decent attractive and elegant back shirt logos and designs by embroidery and printing which are best for mature and decent females. These designs are also very beautiful and give a very artistic look. In our collection of latest kurta logos 2013 we have added designs by Teena butt her designs of kurta logo are best for young teenage girls and we have also included beautiful collection of winter shirts and kurtas by Nishaat linen with back printing and embroidery hope females of every age will like collection of kurtas and Back logo designs 2013.


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  1. February 2, 2013

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  2. February 4, 2013

    […] with beautiful embroidery, bead work, and laces can be made. Choori pajama with frock or with kurtas for girl can also be used. It will give a very traditional look to your baby girl. As far as eid outfits for […]

  3. June 10, 2013

    […] bead or stone work, or stickers or applique will also be fine. We have already done a post about kurta logo design. You can consult that if you want to see some kurta logos. In Pakistan stylish pockets on the chest […]

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