Latest glitter tattoo designs – Shimmery temporary tattoos


Tattoo fashion is the most popular fashion of the recent years especially in the countries of Europe and America. Temporary tattoos are preferred over permanent tattoos as you can make or try different tattoos after fading of these temporary tattoos. Among temporary tattoos different types of tattoo designs are seen like heena tattoo, paint tattoo, and glitter tattoo designs etc.

We are going to talk about glitter tattoo designs or shimmery tattoos. These glitter tattoos are temporary and they can be made in different ways. Stickers for glitter tattoos are available which are easy to make and they can be made in minutes. While by using a brush, glue and powdered glitter or shimmer you can paint any tattoo. Use glue to draw or make tattoo and after that sprinkle glitter on that after drying up remove excess glitter or shimmer and the areas where you had apply glitter tattoo will be formed.

Today we are also presenting shiny bright and beautiful tattoo designs. Glitter tattoo designs are more common among young people especially of teen age and kids as well. Different glitter tattoo designs are made on hands, neck, feet, wrist, arm, face etc. different patterns are made like flowers, butterflies, spiders, stars, etc All these patterns and glitter tattoo designs are included in our todays gallery. Have a look at our attractive shimmery and latest glitter tattoo designs and choose one of them while going out for party.


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  1. Shimmer Body Art says:

    Shimmering temporary tattoos seems more attractive and colorful. Thanks for the post.

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