Henna tattoo designs 2013 – Temporary tattoo patterns


Temporary tattoo designs are liked by young generation a lot. Temporary tattoo are preferred over permanent tattoos because you can make new tattoos after fading of one. Henna tattoos are very famous these days. Today I am also going to share stylish henna tattoo designs 2013. I have selected very stylish henna tattoo designs for my viewers. All these tattoos are made by Henna or Mehndi. You can easily try these tattoo designs at hope after little practice. Henna tattoo designs are made on different parts of body but mostly people love to make mehndi tattoo on arms, hands, legs, feet and shoulders.

Henna tattoo designs for hands and feet

Henna tattoos are mostly made on hands and feet so I have added most of the mehndi tattoo designs for hands and feet. You can see different new patterns of mehndi tattoo in my gallery. You can see taboo henna tattoo patterns, floral henna tattoo, and graphical henna tattoo designs in my gallery. Some wrist tattoo designs with animal shapes and patterns are also popular these days. Girls love to make butterfly henna tattoo designs on their hands, wrists or ankles.

You can also try moon, sun, stars etc or alphabetical henna tattoo patterns on your wrists, arms, hands or feet. Mehndi or henna for making these tattoo comes in different packing. You can buy tube packed henna, cone packed henna etc for you. These packing are of henna are easy to use. You can add more beauty into your henna tattoo by adding bit of temporary shimmery glitter as well. Young girls love to make henna tattoo with glitter or shimmer on them. If you are interested in tattoo designs then you can also consult our article on mehndi tattoo designs as well. Hope you will like them as well.


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