Different hijab styles for girls – Tips for wearing hijab


We have published many articles about Islamic clothing on latestasianfashions.com. We have shared knowledge about abaya designs, jilbab designs, and scarf or hijaab designs.  Today we are again here with an article about different hijab styles. Hijab is the religious compulsion for Muslim women and trend of wearing hijaab is increasing day by day all over the world. Muslim women and girls of all ages love to wear hijab while going out. They wear different hijab styles. Today we have selected some pictures of hijab styles for our Muslim sisters. In these pictures different hijab styles are shown. Hijab styles depend on many things. Hijab styles also vary with countries. In different Muslim countries there are different ways and styles of wearing hijab. If you want to know that how to wear hijab then you may have a lot of options. You can choose best hijab style from our gallery as well. If you want to decide that which hijab style you may opt then keep in mind some points.

First of all decide type of hijab or scarf you want to wear. Different types of hijabs are available in market these days like stitched hijab, unstitched hijab, triangle shaped hijabs, round shaped hijabs, and hijab like stole. The ways of wearing hijab depends upon the type of hijab you are going to wear. We have collected pictures to give you ideas about all these hijab styles. Second thing which is important while wearing hijab or while deciding best hijab style for you is shape of your face. Hijab styles must be chosen according to the shape of your face. Hijabs are made by using different types of fabrics like chiffon, silk, georgette, net etc.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for ladies to carry hijab as some hijab fabrics are very slippery. It’s difficult to carry silk hijaab or chiffon hijab and to keep it settle at one place. The best solution for slippery hijab fabrics is use of safety pins or brooches. Different fancy brooches are also available in market which can be used while wearing hijab and it will give your hijab more stylish look as well. Trend of wearing hijab with hijab cap is also increasing. Hijab cap can be used below the hijab and it become easy to manage hijab by using hijab cap. Hair can be covered very easily by using hijab cap. You can choose hijab cap according to color of your dress or you can use hijab cap matched with you scarf. Hijab styles in which hijab caps are used are also displayed in our gallery. Hope you will like our tips about different styles of wearing hijab. InshAllah this article on hijab styles will help you in wearing hijab in proper way.



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