How to do eye makeup at home – Eye makeup ideas


Eyes are considered most beautiful part of face.  Eye makeup influence over all looks after makeover.  So it should be kept in mind that eye makeup can make you look bitter or better after makeover. So eye makeup should be done with great care. Today we are here to guide you about your eye makeup with latest and unique eye makeup ideas. First of all we will discuss how to do eye makeup. We will discuss all the steps of doing eye make up one by one.You can also get eye makeup ideas from our gallery as well where we have displayed pictures of eye makeup to give you eye makeup ideas.

Cleansing of face and eyes:

Cleansing of eyes and face is very important before doing makeup. Use cleansing milk and face wash to remove makeup if applied before. Remove all the remains of mascara and eye liner. Remove excessive oil from eyelids etc. Shape up your eye brows by threading or tweezers to if you want neat finishing. Remove extra hairs from the area around your eye brow.


Base is applied on whole face before starting makeup. Make sure that your base is even and applied around eyes as well. Conceal all your pigmentation or other marks and dark circles by using concealer. It will hide all the uneven skin in your eye area specially area below eyes which is mostly affected by dark circles.

Use of eye shadow:

This is the main and important step of doing eye makeup. As we are giving you eye makeup ideas. So we will suggest different styles of applying eye makeup.

Eye makeup with single eye shadow:

If you are a beginner then you can try eye makeup with singe shade of eye shadow. This eye shadow should be chosen according to the color of your dress.  Just apply single color on your eye lid in a smooth way. Amount of eye shadow on both eye lids should be equal and blending of eye shade must be smooth.

Eye makeup with two eye shadows:

In this type of eye makeup two colors of eye shades are applied on eyes. Always use darker shade on eye lids. And apply light shade on upper area. Another idea for eye shadow application in two colors is that apply one shade on inner corner(half eye lid)  i.e the lighter shade then apply darker shade on outer corners of eye(remaining half eyelid)

Eye makeup with three shades:

Professionals use three shades usually while applying eye makeup. Three shades are selected usually for this type of eye makeup.  One color is darker is shade, second one is medium shade of same color and the other one is lightest of all. You can use different colors as well according to your dress. But always remember that blending and use of proper shade and proper area on eye is very important otherwise it may worsen your looks.  For applying eye shadows in three shades follow three steps:

  1. Apply medium shade of eye shadow on your eye lid or eye socket area. Spread darker eye shadow evenly on your eye brow. Blend eye shadow properly on your eyelid it will give neat finish and also make your eye makeup lasting for hours.
  2. Apply darkest shade of your selected eye shade on your crease line of eye. Make thick crease line on outer corners of eyes while apply less eye shadow on inner corners of eyes. Blend this crease line of darker shade in a proper way. You can give smoky looks to your eyes makeup by applying darker shades of theme color or shades of greys and black on crease line and outer corners of eyes.  You can get smoky eye makeup ideas from our gallery where we have displayed some pictures of smoky eye makeup and eye makeup in different styles.
  3. In last step of applying eye makeup apply lightest shade of your eye shadow on your brow bone. This is also called highlighter. This light eye shadow on your brow bone high lights eye makeup.  Blend eye shadows with each other at the end by blending brush.

Application of eye liner:

Apply eye liner with the help of eye pencil or liquid eye liner or aqua eye liner with the help of brush. If you have used matte eye shadows then you can use glitter eye liner as well which are available in market these days. Eye liner can be applied in different styles above eye lashes. We have already posted an article in which we have discussed methods of applying eye liner in different styles like simple eye liner, winged eye liner cat eye liner etc. You can also consult our article about eye liner styles. You can use kajal or black eye pencil below your eyes to make thin line to give your eyes bigger look. You can apply eye pencil in dark brown color on your eye brows as well but use it in soft way to give natural looks to eye brows.

Application of mascara:

Use curler to curler to curl your eye lashes first. After curling apply mascara with the help of brush. Apply two or three coats of mascara to give volume to eye brows. Don’t apply second or third coat upon drying it will not give neat look to you mascara.

Now you have finished your eye makeup. Hope you will like our eye makeup ideas and guide lines about eye makeup. Soon we will share an article on eye makeup for different eye shapes. Hope you will appreciate our today’s article on eye makeup.


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