How to wear Hijab – Latest Hijab Styles 2012


Some Muslim girls become very frustrate about how to wear hijab. Often when a new muslim girl or  or one who has decided to start wearing hijab , She looks at the variety and types of hijabs available it can be confusing.  It is also confusing when we see some women covering from head to foot leaving almost nothing exposed, But some others wearing pretty much western clothing with just a scarf over their head. It is important that when a woman puts on hijab that it is for the sake of pleasing Allah and for seeking the reward in the hereafter. So if you are going to start wearing hijaab then keep in mind the main purpose also.

Then you can choose hijaab of your choice and according to your face cut you can  try different styles of wearing hijaab which will give you modest, elegent stylish and fashionable looks as well. Usually underscarf or caps are used first to cover head after that scarf is tied or hijaab is tied with the help of pins or knots in different ways as shown in pictures given below. For different face cuts different hijaab styles are suggested eg.Amira, shayla or square hijab, works well depending on your face shape.

  • How to wear hijab with narrow or long face shapes – square hijab looks the best.
  • Hijab styles for round or wider face shapes – shayla will allow for the most graceful and elegant look. Shaylas of textured or stretchy material work well because they add a bit of volume to the hijab that provide a narrowing effect to the round face.
  • How to wear hijab on oval faces – you don’t have much to worry as you can wear any style of hijab and look Beautiful and modest in it.
  • Shaylas and wraps generally suit most women, depending on how high or low they are placed on the forehead.
Here are some picutres which will guide you to wear Hijab in a stylish way.


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