Indian Bridal saree designs 2012-2013 – Latest saree designs


Saree is the traditional attire of India and Indian women wear saree not only as casual outfit but this Indian attire is used on the occasions of Diwaali, weddings etc. Indian bridal saree are designed especially by indian dress designers to give ethnic and pure traditional Indian looks to bride. Usually Embroidered fancy sarees are used on the occasion of wedding. Borders of Indian bridal sarees are usually wide and fancy, heavy embroidery work, bead work, kundan work etc has been done on the border of Indian bridal saree.

Red and Maroon bridal sarees are most commonly used by Indian brides as red is the colour of happiness. These red or maroon bridal sarees are embellished with copper or golden fancy work of kundan. Our today’s collection of Indian bridal Sarees 2012 has many designs of bridal sari with red and maroon shades. Bridal saree with combination of two shades are very popular designs of year 2013-2013. Contrast of red or maroon with different shades like green, orange, yellow, cream and white also looks attractive.

Different types of stuffs are used in making Indian bridal saree design. Banarsi saree of India is popular all over the world and this banarsi stuff is used in Indian bridal saree designs as well. Usually blouses of Indian bridal saree designs are made by banarsi cloth while saree is made by thin cloth of chiffon and this type of sarees are in vogue in year 2012 and they will remain in fashion during year 2013. Other type of cloth like chiffon, silk, Georgette and crinkle is also used for making bridal saree in India. We have collected very elegant beautiful and stylish Indian bridal saree designs 2012-2013. Hope this traditional dress with pure feminine look will be appreciated by all if you choose Indian bridal saree for your wedding day.

How to order: Email us at to place orders. Please attach the picture of Indian bridal saree designs for price details and other details.


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