pre winter Khaadi collection – Branded dresses by khaadi 2012-2013


Winter season has not reached to its peak yet and we are yet to witness the extremes of this season’s winters. In this very particular time of the year it is extremely difficult to decide a wear as in day it is hot when the sun is out and in night it is cold. Cloth designers are launching their preseason collections at this time of the year. So here we are with a brand new preseason collection with the name “Khaadi”.
The special thing about this khaadi collection is the amazing patterns that are used by the designer in prints of the suits. Normally winter season is considered to be a season in which people normally wear dark color cloths as these cloths absorb light and tend to be warmer. In this very special collection designer has gone out of the and chose colors that you feel are not dull as usual rather these are vibrant and still it has kept the choice of shade to the darker side to have benefit of light absorption.
This khaadi collection is mixture of colors. In fact if you see the pictures you will find out all the colors in it. It has got vibrant blue as well as blue and yellow combination in some suits. Some suits are red on the other hand some suits are in traditional black. While maintaining the darker shades designer has put the quality of vibrancy in all suits. All in all it is a good pre winter season collection by khaadi 2012-2013. We hope you will like it a lot.


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