Khaddar collection by Gul Ahmed 2012 – Winter dresses for women


Khaddar is very well known fabric and it’s not new for those people who belong to India and Pakistan. Khaddar is hand woven fabric made by cotton and it is used in winters as well as summers because it is warm in winters while thin khaddar is cool in summers. If we talk about the textile industry of Pakistan then the name of Gul Ahmed textiles or fabrics remains on the top. Gul Ahmed introduces fabrics of different seasons and types throughout the year. As coldness of winter has been spreading everywhere in the country so, Gul Ahmed textiles have recently launched latest khaddar collection 2012.

These dresses are made by fine khaddar which are best for this winter season. Not only its fabric is superb but the prints and colors of all the dresses are also very attractive, vibrant and elegant. All the dresses are versatile the main thing is the fabric and in all suits which are shown below are made by khaddar but they are all different in a sense that some of them have beautiful prints while some dresses have beautiful embroidery on them. Some dresses have beautiful neck embroidery while some have beautiful embroidered borders. Open A-line shirt designs with embroidery and prints both are included in our today’s gallery. Khaddar collection by Gul Ahmad is not only available at stores and franchises of Gul Ahmed but you can buy them online as well. If you want to make your winters more stylish and glamorous then don’t forget to add Gul Ahmed khaddar collection in your wardrobe.


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