Kids Mehndi Designs 2014 for Eid


Kids mehndi designs are getting hot as many kids love mehndi deigns for Eid 2014. Women and kids of Asian countries adorn their hands with henna on almost happy occasions. As kids are copy cat of their elders so they also want to have different, unique and beautiful mehndi designs on their hands and feet. So today we are sharing with you kids mehndi designs 2014 for eid which children will love to have.

Kids henna designs are basically simple mehndi designs as the hands and feet of them are small and they can’t sit calmly for making a complex designs. They consist of small floral designs like paisley.  Arabic mehndi designs are mostly applied on kids hands and feet as they are quite simple so easy to make. But if you are skilled enough then you can also draw Pakistani Mehndi designs or Indian Mehndi designs. If you have a toddler and you want to draw the design on her hand then draw it while she is sleeping as it will make it easy for you. You can also draw her favorite things like butterflies, stars and moon on her hand to make it pleasure for her.

Tips For Kids Mehndi Designs:

Here are some other things that you can use to make the henna pattern of your kid more adorning and interesting for her.

If your daughter feels the too greasy and wants to remove it quickly then here is a tip for you. You can use glitter mehndi or can also use a marker to draw the pattern on her hand. Marker and glitters are now getting very popular as they look more eye-catching. After drawing the design with marker which will give the look of black mehndi, use the glitter to make the design more classic. Another useful thing that is available in the market is the beads for henna. If your daughter is young enough to take care of her henna then you can use them to have a sparkling effect.

Our collection cosists of some of the finest and easy Eid mehndi designs for kids. They also include glitter and bead designs that you can choose for your little angel.


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