Long hairstyles for Eid 2013 – Eid hairstyles ideas


Eid 2013 is coming and it’s the most auspicious day for all the Muslims. Everybody wants to look very different and beautiful on this day. Every female wants beautiful dresses, Henna, jewelry etc. to look beautiful. It is said that hair are crown of women. Long hairs are asset for women. Today I have decided to share some stylish and beautiful long hairstyles for Eid.

I have collected very beautiful easy to make long hairstyles for girls. I have displayed different pictures for long hair styles. You can see tutorial in the pictures of long hairstyles where you can see steps of making stylish hairstyles for long hairs. You can follow these steps and you can try these elegant hairstyles on the eid day.

Different types of long hairstyles are added in my gallery. You can choose braided hair styles from them like side braids, mermaid braids, waterfall braids, Boho braids, one sided braid etc. Some bun styles are also added. These braided hairstyles for long hairs and up do hair bun will surely add style on your eid day. Some medium hair styles are also displayed but most of the pics are displayed for long hairs. Hope you will like long hairstyles for Eid 2013.


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  1. jean meza says:

    easy to make braid …….

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