Malaysian bridal dresses 2013 – Malaysian wedding gowns


We come up with different fashion updates of Asia. We have shared a lot of dress designs of India and Pakistan in our previous posts. Today we have selected designs of Malaysian bridal dresses to share with our viewers. As Malaysia is a Muslim country so brides of Malaysia wear hijab on the occasion of wedding. Malaysian brides used to wear wedding dresses which provide hijab or covering to the body. You can see similar type of traditional Malaysian wedding dresses in our gallery.

Malaysian Bridal dresses in Gown style

I have displayed various styles of bridal dresses for Malaysian brides. You can see in those dresses that most of the bridal dresses are designed in long gown styles. These long gown style Malaysian bridal dresses will remain very popular in Malaysia. Different type of fancy work has been done on the bridal gown. In Malaysia usually soft colors are used for bridal wears. You can see white color, off white, golden or skin, sky blue etc. more dominant in Malaysian bridal dresses.

To make these Malaysian wedding dresses more beautiful different types of works are done on them. Usually machine embroidery or hand embroidery is done on these dresses. On the embroidery pearls, gems and beads are added to give more stylish and beautiful look. You can also see this type of work in our gallery. All the dresses which I have displayed in my gallery are made in Muslin style. So if you are a Muslim then you can pick your wedding dress from these modest Muslim bridal dresses. Hope you will like them.

How to order

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