New Mehndi Designs 2014 For Hands


Are you looking for new mehndi designs 2014 for hands??? We are here with a solution of your problem. We are sharing with you some of the latest mehndi designs 2014 for hands. Henna that was originated from ancient sub-continent is now very famous all over the world. Mehndi designs are now popular not only in Asia and Europe but also in America.

Initially mehndi designs were simple and easy to paint. Now with the passage of time, these designs are modified from simple mandala to peacock patterns, flower patterns and certain geometrical patterns. Now a days mehndi tattoo designs are also very common and are getting popular. Upcoming new henna designs are not only for hands and feet but they are also for other body parts like neck and back etc.

Our collection of new mehndi designs 2014 include almost all styles of latest mehndi ideas. Arabic Mehndi Designs which are the most popular are the main part of my collection. They include some best samples of Indian Mehndi Designs. As we always provide you with latest fashions so we also include Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2014 and the most unique Moroccan Mehndi Designs.

Arabic henna patterns are thick and brief one they are very simple and applied with comparatively bigger tip of cone. Indian mehndi designs are very thin and complicated. They require a lot of practice to be drawn perfectly on hands. Pakistani mehndi designs are vivid and conspicuous. They are basically the combination of Indian henna patterns and Arabic mehndi designs. The Moroccan mehndi designs are very elegant and fine. They are also applied with thin tipped mehndi cone. They also include certain geometric shape which is the unique feature of Moroccan henna designs.

In the end we are sharing with you tips for dark mehndi stain or dark mehndi color.

  1. Apply the mixture of sugar and lemon on your henna or mehndi after it got dried for dark stain.
  2. Use coconut oil after removal of mehndi from hands (don’t use water for removing henna from your hands remove it by rubbing your hands). Avoid use of water for 8 hours after removing henna for darker stain.

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  1. noori says:

    gave the idea of new cloth designs

  2. noori says:

    share the new fashion cloth

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    gave the idea about new frocks style

  4. Fatima Zehra says:

    Great collection, but some of the designs are not so simple.

  5. Safeena Ahmed says:

    You’re mehndi designs r very beautiful I like all designs

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    Good work and really beautiful designs i was looking good and beautiful designs today i founded on your website thanks for posting this.. –

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    nice collection of mehndi

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    nice blog

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