Pakistani party wear dresses with back embroidery


Team of have done a lot of work for their visitors to provide updates of latest trends, fashions or style from Pakistan, India and other Asian countries. Our writers have written number of articles for their viewers to give them updates of fashions of 2013. Today we are again here with Pakistani party wear dresses with back embroidery. This year we can see that trend of back embroidery is very in. You can see that most of the designers designed their formal dresses with back and front embroidery. Embroidery design which is made on neck or front is also made on the back of the shirt as well. Back embroidery can be done in different styles. Back embroidery has been done on party wear, formal or semi formal dresses. Thread work, sequin work, bead work or machine embroidery has been done on the back of shirts usually. In semi formal dresses of girls usually back embroidery with machine has been done in logo style.

This trend is very popular in semi formal and casual dresses. The formal party wear dresses have usually heavy embroidery work and the back embroidery done on these heavy dresses is usually done according to the design of front embroidery of the shirt. Back embroidery can be done on the middle of the shirt i.e. at the middle of back. Logo style back embroidery can also be made on the shoulder of the shirt. All these styles of back embroidery can be seen in our gallery which will give you clear ideas about back embroidery fashion. Back embroidery can also be done around the back of neck by cutting shirt in different styles like round, v, square or any other shape. You can make back embroidery design on your kameez (shirt), frock, kurta e.t.c.

You can get ideas about different styles of back embroidery by our gallery in which pictures of different styles of Pakistani party wear dresses with back embroidery are displayed. Some party wear dresses displayed in our gallery are designed by top designers of Pakistan. You can buy these dresses as well. Just email us the link of the dress if you are interested in buying.


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