Bokitta printed scarfs – Branded Scarfs – Hijab styles 2012


Have you ever looked around and noticed something? Did you see that the whole world is actually wearing a covering? A Hijab? YES! The whole World is in Hijab. The Earth is surrounded by ozone layer. Fresh fruits have peels on them. A sword is preserved in a sheath. Ink pen would dry and become useless without a cap. We cover our course books to protect them. If an apple is peeled off, it would rot. A banana turns black and tasteless without a peel. SubhaanAllah! Entire World is covered. All precious things of Allah are in Hijaab! So women, the precious, “Durr e Maknoon” as Allah calls them, how can Allah leave them unprotected? Uncovered? O’ Momin women, cover you as Allah asked, surely no one loves us more than Allah Subhan wa tallah. If you have same religious thoughts then you must be crazy about scarfs or hijab.

We have collected beautiful designs of floral branded printed scarfs by bokittaa. Bokitta is a very famous name in the Islamic world as they have launched very beautiful designs of floral and printed scarfs and Hijabs for modest females. All the designs are latest and they are recently launched by Bokitta printed floral scarfs. You can choose these modest and elegant scarfs design matching with your dress.


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  1. February 13, 2013

    […] forget their religion or culture on these occasions as well. Arabic brides cover their heads with scarves or hijab on their wedding day as well. Fancy hijabs are especially designed for Arabic brides which […]

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