Bridal dresses in red color – Traditional Pakistani red bridal dresses


Red is the color of happiness, love and joy, due to this reason red color is used in Pakistan for the bride. In Pakistan and many other eastern countries traditional bridal dresses are designed in red color. This tradition of using red color on wedding day is still followed and to refresh this tradition today I am here with red bridal dresses 2013. Although different other colors are used in the bridal outfits in Pakistan but for the first day of wedding traditional bridal dresses in red color are selected mostly. These days’ bridal dresses in red color are designed in different styles like lehnga with long shirt, red bridal frocks, red bridal sharara, red bridal maxi style gown, bridal open shirt etc.

All these styles are in vogue these days which make it easy to choose bridal dress in any style. We have also selected some fancy red colored bridal dresses  for our visitors. If you are searching for Pakistani bridal dresses in red color then I am sure our gallery will attract you. I have included red bridal dresses designed in different styles in my gallery. Different types of hand work with sequin, kora, thread work; bead work has been done on these bridal dresses.

If you want red bridal dresses in different color combination then we have also some choices for you. Red bridal dress can be made in different color combinations like red with green, red with sky blue, red with plum, red with off white, red with gold, silver or fawn. Maroon is also considered as shade of red and color contrast of red and maroon in bridal dresses is also famous these days. Some red bridal dresses with different color contrast are also displayed with my article. If you are going to buy red bridal dress with color contrast then you can purchase groom dress with the combination shade. The kora work done on red bridal dresses can be done in different colors like golden, silver, copper etc.Some red bridal dresses designed by pakistani designers are also displayed. Designers bridal dresses are preffered by people all over the world.  Traditional red Pakistani bridal dresses have dupatta with them as well and usually border has been made on the dupatta with little spray work on the base of dupatta. If you are interested in buying then contact us via mail.


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