Scarf Fashion 2012 – Hijab Fashion For Muslim Women


Scarf fashion is going to be very popular all over the world because it can be followed by everybody it not only gives you a modest and decent looks but many people like to wear it because scarf can protect your hair from dust and sunlight. Above all the most important is that its religious obligation for Muslims. They are used by Muslim women from middle countries and Asian women. Scarf Fashion and Hijab trends and now a days very famous among young muslim girls. Here we are presenting some beautiful printed scarf and hijab styles. Printed hijabs can be used in parties and with casual wear as well. You can also get ideas for wearing styles from these scarfs. Usually cheetah prints, dotted print, lining and stripped prints are used in hijabs. Hijabs with floral prints are also best and give very cool look. One thing should be kept in mind while buying hijabs. Dont buy dark colored hijabs or scarfs for summer or spring. Us light colors in summers. In summer floral prints on scarfs give very cool look. Use bright colored hijabs in spring and dark colors are best for winters. I have included all these different styles in my gallery. Hope you will like these Scarf Styles.


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  1. nice and beautiful designs………..

  2. Women Guide says:


  1. February 13, 2013

    […] famous name in the Islamic world as they have launched very beautiful designs of floral and printed scarfs and Hijabs for modest females. All the designs are latest and they are recently launched by Bokitta […]

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