Top 5 Short Hairstyles For Women – Pixie Haircut Styles


Short hairstyles for women are getting more and trendier now days. If you are trying to have a new hair cut then the first problem you face is the selection of that hair cut which is according to your face and give you modern look. In south Asian countries long hairs were liked earlier but short hairstyles are getting more popular among the people who are celebrity inspired. A new hair cut will change your look totally but when you go for short hair styles then the benefit is that you will get more healthy hairs that grow after the cut.

Here are 5 top short hairstyles for women . You can choose any one of them according to your face.


If you have very fine hairs with a little wavy or curly touch then this is the best short hairstyle for you. This hair style will give your face a lifting effect. It is a short layer that stars from your jaw and extends just above your collar bone. To have a best look of this short hair style you must have shorter and minimal layers which are around the frame of your face. Here is Elisha Cuthbert with middy short hair style so that you have a clear idea of this short haircut.

Middy short hairstyles


Have a thick or medium hairs and looking for new short hairstyle?? Try this modern shag that will give you a very softer and refashioned look. This short haircut has layers in front of ears and on the top of head with a very gentle texture at the end of hairs. It is a short hair style with layers at the back till neck without any prominent hairlines. This haircut is also suitable for women with fat face. Look at Michelle Williams; she looks fab in her modern shag hair style.Michelle Williams SHAG HAIRS


This hair style is for those who have very thick and curly hairs. This will remove a dense look of your thick hairs. The undercut depends upon your own choice whether you like one side, two sides and two sides with back undercut. The disconnection of relatively long hairs from the top is the key technique for this hot pixie hair style. The best one for carrying undercut short hairstyle is Rihanna, so have a look at her stunning short haircut.Rihanna UNDERCUT hair style


Have medium and fine textured dense hairs and want a haircut to have a classic and elegant look then just go for layered bob. The short jaw-length cutting of hairs with layers from top give a refined look. For sleek look of this short hairstyle just blow dry your damp hairs and enjoy your new classic look. For a clear idea of this short haircut have a look at Victoria Beckham.Victoria Beckham Layered bob


The pixie hair styles are best for those having limp and thin layers because this haircut adds texture and give a dense look to your hairs. You just need to have a soft hairlines and ends of hairs with evenly short hairs except on the top so that you maintain feminine look. If you have this hair style then you have to just run your fingers through your hairs after blow drying and using thickening spray. For style inspiration have a look on Mia Wasikowska pixie short hairstyle.mia-wasikowska- PIXIE HAIRS

So, These are the 5 Best Short Hair Styles for women. Tell us which haircut is your favorite one out of these?


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