Smokey eye makeup – Smokey makeup in different colours


Smokey eye makeup  (often Called “the little black dress of makeup”) gives glamourous evening look. We’ve come up with a few creative combinations to brighten the look. Here are  how to do smoky eye makeup. .

To start your smokey eye, first of all determine which eye shadows suits your eye color. Brown and hazel eyes look very attractive in golden, blue or pretty in rosy pink with golden undertones and green eyes stand out in plum or violet shades. A  light use of  rosy gold in the center of the lid or at the brow bone can give eyes a beautiful look making them large. The same can be acheived by  shimmery bronze. You can make  plum smoky eye by applying a light mauve color to the lid, and a deep plum in the crease of eye.

Before putting on your eye makeup, prepare   the skin with an eye shadow base for making it long lasting.  It’s good to apply your foundation and undereye concealer after your smoky eyes, since the eye shadow can easily falls down around the eyes. Dark colors have a tendency to spread on freshly applied foundation. If you carefully apply your foundation first, all your efforts could be ruined when bits of shadow come  down during applying.

Begin with eye shadow. The darkest eye shadow is  applied allover the eye lid, or in the crease, depending upon the shape of  eye and the look you want. Applying dark color in the crease and blending it upward and outward toward the browbone elongates round eyes; many Asian women prefer to create depth by putting dark color allover hooded eye lids.

For an very smoky eye, dip a flat head eyeliner brush into black liquid eyeliner  and use it into the lashline. Do the same with black powder eye shadow. Form layers of  your liner with different products (pencil, powder, liquid) will give your look staying power.Here are some pictures of smokey eye makeup in different colours hope they will help you.


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