Stylish Nail Polish Designs – Cool Nail Patterns and Trends


Nail polish is an important part of makeup.But now a days its very popular in girls.Due to introduction of differnt styles of nail polishes and due to beautiful nail pattren designs the popularity of nail polish is increaseing day by day.Its very popular among colloge and university girls as it is a funky fashion.Design the nails is not a difficult work and also there is no need of any artist for that. You yourself can produce simple nail polish designs. You can start with simple flower pattern. Place a dab of polish on nail now choose a nail color for actual flower and make several dabs around the first dab you made. You have created a flower now. Do this with each nail.
You have one more option where you can use toothpick or a thin nail art brush, and try to fill in a circle for the center of the flower. Than draw small ovals or circle around it to create a flower and don’t fill up nail color in the circles. Now one of the best simple nail polish designs is completed.
Random Lines- because of its abstract nature, this look may be the easiest to achieve. As per the procedure apply one coat of colored polish on your nails. Try to get nail art brushes (or toothpick) from any beauty store and use them carefully while designing. It is important to take minimum quantity of polish to avoid globs on your nails. Now draw two to three desired thin lines on your all nails and apply a coat of clear nail polish and you have completed one of the easy nail polish designs.
You can use glitter also for giving you nail polish more funky look.Use of beads can also make your nails attractive.Before starting nail painting always remove the old nail colour properly and then start your new nail can use different brushes try to use brushes with fine and thin ends.choose suitable and beautiful colour contrast that is most important and it can give complete,fine and beautiful finish.Use of transparent nail polish and coloured beads can also give a decent beautiful and elegant look. Aged women should use simple nail polish and a bit of designing.Here are some ideas about nail polish and nail pattren you can pick anyone from here and you will be a fashionable and funky girl.


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  1. ayesha says:

    cool designs,I like those.

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