Stylo shoes eid collection 2012 – Stylo shoes for women


It is said that “Cinderella is living proof that a pair of shoes can change your life” and I hope many people among you will agree with this quote who are very crazy about shoes. According to Chris Rock “Women need food, water, and compliments and an occasional pair of shoes.” Many women provide us proof of this quote. If we talk about shoes fashion of women in Pakistan then the first name which comes in our mind is “STYLO”.

Stylo launched their first outlet in 1974 in Lahore and now they have 85 outlets in 30 different cities of Pakistan. These figures depict their success in ladies shoes retail network. They have launched many designs of ladies shoes with long high heels, medium heels, and flat. We have categorized stylo shoes eid collection 2012 on the basis of these heels. You can choose them according to your height and choice. These stylish stylo shoes for women can make your Eid more stylish and beautiful.

Stylo long heels shoes: 70% of girls are crazy about long heels. Especially girls with less or medium height prefer long heels shoes and teen age girls are also very crazy about long heels. Party wear and bridal shoes also come in high heels here we are presenting latest designs of long heels shoes by stylo.

Stylo shoes eid collection Medium heels shoes: Formal and party wear shoes also come with medium heels. Usually middle aged women prefer to wear medium heels as they feel comfortable in these shoes. Heighted girls should use these medium heels as formal shoes.

Stylo shoes eid collection Flat Shoes: If you have to attend a function for many hours then flat formal shoes are the best option. Flat shoes are also best for casual wear as they are very comfortable. Open flat shoes are best for summer and spring.Flat shoes are best for women having good height. If you want to see more designs of branded shoes for women, click here.


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