Top Summer Hairstyles for Black Women


Today we are sharing with you Summer Hairstyles for Black Women. Black women are famous about their cautiousness and versatility in hairstyles. Their hairs are not easy to manage as they are very elastic and mostly very curly. Summer hairstyles 2014 are mostly short as long hairs are difficult to manage and carry in such a hot season. If you are black women then you are really lucky as you have naturally curled hairs which are quite strong. So embrace your God gifted beautiful hairs and adopt these hairstyles that will add confidence to you. But if you want little change then you may straight your them but don’t repeat it regularly as this will harm your them badly.

Try this celebrity inspired hairstyle which is very suitable for summer if you don’t want too small hairs. Hairstyles by Joe Bryant are among the top hairstyles for African American women. You can even try this hairstyle easily at home by first washing your hairs with a shampoo like DevaCurl No Poo. Then simply tie them back tightly in the form of a pony tail.

Joy Bryant Hairstyles for women

If you want your hair straight then this is the style you can pick this summer. Simply straight your them with the help of flat iron but try Matrix Total Results Sleek Iron Smoother for best results. Then lightly give waves to your hair and tie them in low bun form leaving some strands free.

latest hairstyles for african american girls

If you are very inspired by celebrities then try this short pixie hairstyle by Halle Berry. This will need simple chopping of your hairs keeping more texture on the top and less on sides. Afterwards style them in short spiky hairstyles for women for a strong look.

Short hairstyles for black women

Are you looking for formal or prom hairstyles for yourself this summer?? Try this Wedding updo hairstyle for women. This will need pinning up your hairs in high bun with loose curls and adorn them with a suitable accessory.

Black women summer hairstyles 2014

This is another traditional yet latest hairstyle which can be made with your natural curly hair. The front area is tightly braided and the back hairs are then bound in the form of pony tail. We recommend you Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream for this hairstyle.

Summer hairstyles for black women

Rihanna is very famous for her versatile hairstyles. If you are bold enough like her then try this one of the short summer hairstyles. The hairs are cut in short layers with deceased hair length from top to sides. They are then style in forward fringe style after straightens them.

trendy summer hairstyles for women

Summer is not pleasing for every one but you can make it cool by adopting these cool summer hairstyles. Hope you will like our collection. Don’t forget to give your feed back in comment section below.


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  1. Chloe says:

    This Hairstyles is a nice hair style for woman. In this style woman are looking so nice.

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