Hijab Styles and Fashions – Stylish Islamic Clothing


With the popularity of hijabs skyrocketing and more females becoming conservative, hijab fashion has taken a form of its own. One can find hijabs available in varying styles and different lengths from short to extra long. For example, hijab sizes are available that extend to the waist while others drop to the knees. The most common ones are short and fall to the shoulders.

Hijabs also come in beautiful floral patterns of polyester fabric. The shorter, scarves such as the Turkish hijab are available in a wide range of colors, arts, and patterns and are priced reasonably well. These are also available in silk and cotton fabrics.Hijabs can also form other trendy styles. For example, fancy hijabs can be combined with a metallic scarf underneath and wrapped towards the back then around the front of the neck. A little space can be added for earrings. These hijabs can also be worn in different lengths.
The criss cross style involves twisting the side of the hijab into a bun and pinning it to the side of the head. This style can also be worn as an evening wear. The square scarf can be worn in several similar styles. One is folded into a triangle and a short end is pinned to the side of the head. The longer end is wrapped around the back of the neck and pinned to the side of the tube piece then brought all the way around to the front covering the neck. This style gives you a layered look, exposing the side of the head covering underneath. Add an accessory for an even more unique piece.
The length can be simply adjusted to form other styles. The floral chic look is simply adding a hijab with floral patterns for a beautiful touch. A thin amira scarf can also be used instead of the tube piece. The colorful pieces can also be worn by little girls. The Kuwaiti wrap style is a unique combination of the Al Amirah hijab and the Shayla hijab. It is very convenient and comfortable to wear. The lightweight materials also make it easy to wear throughout the year. The scarves are even available in spring colors. The variety of rhinestone pins also add to hijab fashions, because they come in many colors and designs to match the hijab. Some of the styles include the rhinestone stick hijab pins, brass brooch and floral brooch hijab pins, multi-colored and duo tone hijab pins. The beautiful variety of hijabs available to choose from can make any outfit fashionable and can be found at many hijab stores.



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