Tips for choosing Men’s fragrance – Latest Perfume for Men 2011


Learning about perfume and colognes makes perfume selection much easier. With just a basic knowledge of fragrance categories, perfume and cologne notes , fragrance oils, and perfume price points, you’ll be able to choose the best scent either for yourself or for gift giving.Selecting a designer fragrance should be fun, but with a choice of hundreds of top designer perfumes, it can quickly turn into a frustrating chore.
Tips for Choosing Men’s fragrance:
Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, men’s fragrance is pivotal that compliments their attire and boosts their self confidence. However, the difficult part is choosing the best fragrance for men. Whether you want to gift it to someone or buy one for yourself, choosing the best fragrance for men or women for that matter can be quite confusing. Smell can easily trigger your mood and can even make or mar a day or an event.
But which is the best way that will help you find the best fragrance for men? Following are some of the tips that will be helpful in narrowing down some of the best fragrances for men.
To find the best fragrance for men, there are various tips and techniques.

1) Spray the perfume on a card instead of your wrist. Most people, however, claim that it is better to spray it on the wrist as different body smell blends with different perfumes/colognes. If you intend to try out varieties of perfume then it is better to spray it on a card as it will help you in identifying the smell.

2) This will help you in narrowing down the smell that appeals to you. And before zeroing down the particular perfume that you like the most make sure to take a fresh breath by walking across the store or outside for a breath of fresh air.

3) Now that you have narrowed down to limited colognes, you can spray it on your wrist to find out which fragrance appeals to you. You can even create your own unique fragrance by assimilating the fragrance you have selected with a natural scent.

4) Take into consideration the events, your working space etc in order to decide on the type of cologne you should use. One of the best ways to bring about a change in yourself is to change your personal fragrance. The type of fragrance that you choose will compliment your personality. So make sure to find the best fragrance that adds elegance to your personality. Best of luck in your choice.


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