Tips for using cosmetic lenses – Colors of contact lenses


Today’s trendy girls want versatility. And if you want to be a versatile girl then one way is the use of cosmetic lenses of different colors. Because these coloured lense can change your overall look appearance as well as it affects the makeup also. Here are some tips for choosing colored lenses.

Choosing the right colour:

Coloured contact lenses come in variety of shades and it is sometimes frustrating, especially for first time users to choose which colour to use. Each and every color of your choice may not suits your face structure skin color and face shape. Makeup, especially eye makeup also determines which colour suits you.Perfect blend  eye makeup and lense colour is very important.Lenses should be worn with little bit makeup so that they  can give natural  appearance to eyes. Coloured contact lenses with no makeup is usually a blunder as it generally looks very unnatural.Tons of makeup is not required but light makeup should be used. Use of mascara and eye liner is good. Try to avoid using green eye shadow with green contacts and blue with blue contacts it will ruin your whole looks.

Dark skin:

Although most people have  idea that dark skinned people should not wear coloured contact lenses of a lighter shade, but its not right. Honey or Autumn, which has an attractive bright glow to it, are best colours for dark skinned girls. If you want a cooler look, you can also choose  misty grey or amethyst, they are both colours with a cold undertone,  Shades of green and blue can also be worn but try not to use bright shades of green or blue, go for a decent look by choosing dark shades of green or blue as it will blend it well.

Olive or tanned skin:

Use of  bright shades is a good idea for this skin type. Make your eyes shine by choosing  a bright shade of green as it would be the best choice for you. Try not to wear green makeup with green contacts as it will make your eyes dull. However, shades of blue should be avoided. Other colours to consider are honey, hazel and grey. Navy blue coloured contact lenses look fantastic too if you are crazy for great change.

Different cosmetic lense colors:

Hazel, grey, blues, green, brown, black, are the best cosmetic lense colours.


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