Top 10 Cheap Running Shoes for Men


A healthy body keeps a healthy mind! And running regularly is necessary for a healthy body. For best running results you must choose the right shoes for yourself according to your running style. This does not mean that you must have expensive shoes. We are sharing with you the best Cheap Running Shoes for Men that not only branded but also assist you in proper running.

Before choosing the right running shoes, you must be well aware of your personal pronation. If you are under pronator then you must choose those shoes for yourself that have a lot of cushioning inside them as you are more exposed to shock injuries on feet.  If you are neutral pronator then you can choose any of the running shoes but try those will little cushioning for comfort. The over pronator will must choose motion control shoes as their shoes are more exposed to wear form one side.

According to us paying 100$ for a high quality branded running shoes is enough. So we have gathered the shoes from the top brands as cheap running shoes for men whose prices are below 100$. These brands are very famous for their high quality and durable shoes.

Nike Free 4.0:

A very light weight shoe with upper surface in mesh form is perfect for running. Secondary cuts with extra flexibility could be yours in only $95.

nike free 4.0 shoes

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Nike Dual Fusion Run 2:

It is a very nice combination of synthetic and leather stuff. The fore foot groove gives you more grip and better running. You can have these light weight and cheap Nike running shoes for athletes for only $80.

Nike Dual Fusion Run 2


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Nike Zoom Streak LT 2:

It is very attractive unisex running shoes for sportsmen. The sole is cushioned in the mid with dynamic fit quality. You can buy these shoes very easily for $75.

Nike Zoom Streak LT 2


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Adidas Vigor 4 Trial:

The best thing about these shoes is that they are non-slipping. These imported shoes with upper mesh allow maximum breathability to your feet. You can get them for $85.

Adidas Vigor 4 Trial


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Adidas Spider 4 Spikes:

These cheap track shoes are spikes on lower side of sole for better gripping. These imported shoes have soft collar that will minimize the pressure in ankle and make you run easily. You can have them for $65.

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Asics Gel Kahana 6:

These are the very soft and reduced weight running sneakers for men. The rear foot cushioning system will allow better decrease in the shock caused to the ankle. The price of these most wanted shoes is $85.

Asics Gel Kahana 6

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Asics Gel Venture 4:

It has rugged trail outsole with proper cushioning that reduces tediousness of your feet during walk. The shoes are best for both uphill and downhill tracks. Their price is only $65.

Asics Gel Venture 4

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Brooks Men’s Mach 15 Spike less:

It is the lightest in weight among all the other shoes due to which it is a good competitor shoe. Its top is meshed with attractive color. The price of this cool shoe is only $70.

Brooks Men's Mach 15 Spikeless

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Brooks Men’s Ghost 5:

It is biodegradable cheap running shoes having synthetic stuff. The rubber sole, excellent cushioning and HPR plus sole increase the durability of the shoes. They cost $ 110-65.

Brooks Ghost 5

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Reebok Men’s Daily Cushion:

These shoes have low cut design and width sizing that makes it unique from other shoes. A fine combination of leather and mesh with forefoot sole grooves costs only $60.

Reebok Men's Daily Cushion RS Walking Shoe


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Hope you will like our collection of Cheap Running Shoes for Men which are light to your wallet. So enjoy your running with the branded and cheap shoes.



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