Top 10 hair color brands 2013 – Best hair colors at home


Hair coloring is the practice which involves use of different chemicals or products to change the colour of hair. Sometimes colour of hair is changed to cover white or grey hair while people also change the color of their hair for the fashion. Varieties of hair colors are available in market. It’s difficult to choose hair color for you especially if you are going to done hair coloring at home. So we have come up today with top 10 hair color brands 2013. All the important features and main ingredients are also given and this will help you to choose the best hair color well suited to your hair.
Clariol Perfect 10 Nice and Easy



Features and ingredients:
Perfect 10 by clariol gives high gloss results. It has very good infusion formula due to which it penetrates deep into hair. Due to good penetration it lasts upto 60 days. Clariol perfect 10 hair color is available in 27 different shades.

Loreal casting cream gloss


Features and ingredients:
It has aloe Vera and green tea extract which prevents hair damage due to dryness. Give soft and healthy looks to hair after dying. It will give visible shimmering tone to hair after dying. It is available in 37 glossy shades.



Keune is the hair color mostly used by professional hair stylists for dying hair. Different types are available like keune tone-on-tone, keune color men, and at home color case.

Garnier herba shine

Features and ingridents:
Garnier herba shine is another best hair color brand which is available in 18 radiant shades. It has ammonia free formula with bamboo extract, which works in 10 minutes.

Revlon color silk

Features and ingredients:
Revlon colour silk is available in 40 attractive shades. It also contains after colour conditioner which prevents post dying hair damage and make your hair healthy. It provides very good colour saturation and its formula is ammonia free.

Loreal recital Preference


Features and ingredients:
Loreal recital preference has wide range of shades best for fashion hair dying. It is available in 120 trendy hair shades. It’s fade resistant and provides good covering leaves hair very shiny.




Features and ingredients:
It contains aloe Vera and corn oil extract which neutralize the effect of chemicals. It is available in 65 shades.


Features and ingredients:
It has no ammonia, no parabens, no resorcinol. Its best faor dying dry damaged brittle hair. I is available in 29 shades.

Lk hair colour

Features and ingredients:
L.k hair colour provides maximum protection to hair as it contains coconut oil, and jojoba oil.
MM beauty

Features and ingredients:

It provides maximum protection to hair as it contains “Herbal complex”. It has marigold extract which heals scalp while birch extract recover hair. It gives volume to hair and deep color.


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  1. Louise Hansen says:

    good day I use Loreal for many years this is realy the 1st time I buy this produck and that was not working on my hair 1 week the color was out. I borth it at Bougainville clicks Pretoria also have proof of this

  2. Saeed says:

    Hi. Do you have office in Dubai ? We need best hair color
    Can I have meeting whit you?

  3. Saeed says:

    Please answer ! Thanks

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