Top 30 Celebrities with Pixie Hairstyles 2014


Pixie hairstyles are getting very common among celebrities from the last few years. Cutting your hairs very short is quite a bold fashion and most of the celebrities have tried it. Pixie hairstyles 2014 are among widely adopted celebrities inspired hairstyles. Beside inspiration another major reason of this is that today’s life is very fast and most of us have not enough time for styling hairs. Pixie hairstyles are very easy and require less time to style so they are more common among working women class. So to facilitate you regarding choosing right hairstyle for you we are sharing with you top 30 pixie hairstyles of celebrities 2014. You can have any one of these according to your face shape, thickness and type of hairs.

Pixie Haircuts 2014:

Pixie hairstyles 2014 are categorized according to the cutting and styling way.Pixie hairstyles for thick hairs is the one in which your hairs are cropped from the top in steps or layers to give lighter appearance to hairs. If your hairs are fine then go for pixie haircut for fine hairs which will accentuate them making them look elegant. Pixie haircut with bangs is the style which suits on all type of hairs whether they are fine, medium or thick textured.

Another thing you should keep in mind while choosing any style is your face shape. Pixie haircut for round face is asymmetrical pixies which give enhancing beauty to you. To have your hair cut short you must go to an experienced hairdresser so that you style may not have masculine or boyish look. Even if you have boy cut it must have a feminine appearance in them.

Celebrities with Pixie Hairstyles:

Pixie haircut is not the style of these days rather it was famous in 1930’s and before as it was adopted by some most eminent celebrities in those days.Elizabeth Taylor looked very chic in her copped pixie hairstyle. Jean Seberg has beautifully styled her pixie in side swept manner. Rihanna pixie hairstyles are very popular among African American women. Her structured hairs in bangs are arranged beautifully thus making her more fashioned. Another African American women hairstyle is of Viola Davis who has perfectly maintained her hairs according to her face shape. No one will look as best as KaleyCuoco in bob pixie hairstyle. If you have same features as her then you can also carry this with confidence.

Our gallery is full of eminent celebrities, form JudyDench to Princess Dianaand Jennifer Lawrence, who are very popular for their best suited short pixie hairstyles. Have a look at these short hairstyles for women and don’t forget to give your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.

Viola Davis black women short hairstyles winona ryder pixie cut for women 2014 Shirley-MacLaine-new-pixie-with-bangs rihanna short hairstyles 2014 Princess Diana short hairstyles nicole kidman short hairstyles 2014 natalie portman elegant pixie 2014 Leslie Caron pixie hairstyles of 1950 Madonna beautiful pixie hairs mia farrow new hairstyles 2014 Michelle Williams pixie with bangs for women miley cyrus famous pixie hairstyle 2014 Lena dunham popular pixie cut 2014 latest pixie hairstyle of charlize theron Keri Russell short curly pixie for women Katie-Holmes-latest-hairstyles-2014 kaley cuoco bob pixie haircut for women Halle Berry short pixie hairstyles of celebrities Jean Seberg vinytage pixie hairstyles jennifer lawrence side swept pixie cut Judy-Dench layered pixie for women Julianne-hough-beautiful-pixie-hairstyles-2014 carey mulligans latest pixie for girls 2014 Demi moore latest short pixie cut for women elizabeth-taylor cropped pixie hairstyles of 1950 Emma Watson pixie hairstyles with bangs 2014 Goldie Hawn celebrity hairstyles for women Audury-tautou-cute-short-pixie-for-women Ashlee Simpson new short hairstyle for women annette bening short pixie haircut 2014


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