Traditional Indian clothing 2013 – Indian Anarkali frocks


If you talk about south Asian clothing then we can see variety of dresses. Today we have also decided to talk about some traditional eastern attire. Traditional Indian clothing is considered incomplete without frocks. Anarkali frocks are very important part of traditional Indian clothing. You can also see some traditional Indian anarkali frocks in pictures displayed below. You can see variety of Indian frock designs in different styles having pure traditional look.

Traditional Indian anarkali frocks

Indian frocks are not only popular in India but they are very popular all over the World. People of different countries and cultures love to wear this eastern traditional Indian dress. I have collected pictures of different anarkali frocks designs. Most of the Indian anarkali frocks which I have displayed have stylish embroidery on them. You can see different types of embroidery on traditional Indian clothing for women. Among all embroidery styles machine embroidery is more famous. So you can also see machine embroidered anarkali Indian frocks   in most of the pictures displayed below.

Fabric used in Traditional Indian clothing

Different types of fabric are used in making of Indian anarkali frocks. Most commonly used fabrics are net, chiffon, georgette, tissue, etc. You can also see anarkali frocks made in all these types of fabrics in the pictures displayed below. I have displayed all these designs and samples of traditional Indian clothing for sale. You can place order for these dresses if you want to get them. We will make them according to measurements of customers. You can also choose color of your own choice as well. Hope you will like them. They are best for using as formal party wear outfit.

How to order

Email us at to place orders. Please attach the picture of desired dress for price details and other details. You can also send us the link of picture.  Prices will be very reasonable and work will be of good quality. You can also comment us or send us offline message.


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