What are the Iconic Garments of Islamic Fashion?


Of all the examples of cultural fashion from around the world, Islamic items often stand out ahead of the rest.  While more people, owing to the popularity of hip-hop and urban fashion movements, probably wear Afro-Caribbean styles, with their colour and creative patterns, they lack the charm and eloquence of many of the staples of Islamic fashion.

We explored the most iconic elements of Islamic fashion, and why they are so distinctive all around the world.


The hijab is perhaps the most distinctive garment that someone would associate with Islam, and those who wear it do so as a symbol of their faith.

However, it should not be taken that it does not look fashionable just because it is worn for religious reasons. Indeed, contemporary designs of the hijab have seen brighter colours and even patterns introduced, so that the modern Muslim who wants to look stylish can choose from a number of fashions. Traditional, conservative colours such as navy, black, and grey also remain popular, but the decision is there for anyone who wants to embrace style as well as a modest appearance.

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Kaftan Dresses

Perhaps the item that has had the most influence in terms of the rest of the world would be the kaftan dress. Although this is a traditional Islamic garment, their influence can be seen in many examples of contemporary dress throughout the Western world. Many women even wear the original Islamic styles owing to their class, comfort, and functionality.

The kaftan is such an iconic garment as it is perfect for all occasions. The modern Muslim woman can wear one to work owing to its formality, yet it is not so formal that it cannot easily be worn to a social function, for example.

As such, these dresses are an important part of Islamic style for both professional women and those wearing a kaftan during their everyday lives.


The abaya is a more formal style of Muslim dress, however much like the hijab, these are now available in a variety of colours and with detailed patterns included in the design.

As every day fashion has moved more towards the kaftan style, abayas have maintained their relevance by being the perfect ‘occasion’ dress, whether this be a religious occasion or a celebration within the family and community.

In addition to looking great and offering the opportunity to look stylish at all times, these garments are often produced using luxury fabrics, which only add to their comfort and iconic, exclusive feel.

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